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UN International Days

Listed below are the days and weeks officially recognized by the United Nations.


21 February


International Mother Language Day

8 March


International Women's Rights and International Peace

21 March


International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

21 March


Week of Solidarity with the Peoples struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination

22 March


World Day for Water

23 March


World Meteorological Day

24 March


World Tuberculosis Day

7 April


World Health Day

23 April


World Book and Copyright Day

3 May


World Press Freedom Day

15 May


International Day of Families

15 May


World Telecommunications Day

22 May


International Day for Biological Diversity

25 May


Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of All Colonial Territories Fighting for Freedom, Independence and Human Rights

31 May


World No-Tobacco Day

4 June


International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

5 June


World Environment Day

17 June


World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

20 June


World Refugee Day

26 June


International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

26 June


International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

First Saturday Of July


International Day of Cooperatives

11 July


World Population Day

9 August


International Day of the World's Indigenous People

12 August


International Youth Day

8 September


International Literacy Day

16 September


International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

3rd Tuesday in


International Day of Peace

Last week in


World Maritime Day

1 October


International Day of Older Persons

4-10 October


World Space Week

5 October


International World Teacher's Day

1st Monday in October


World Habitat Day

9 October


World Post Day

10 October


World Mental Health Day

2nd Wednesday in


International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

16 October


World Food Day

17 October


International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

4th Wednesday in


Universal Children's Day (Australia)

24 October


United Nations Day

24 October


World Development Information Day

24-30 October


Disarmament Week

6 November


International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

9 November


International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism

16 November


International Day for Tolerance

20 November


Africa Industrialisation Day

20 November


Universal Children's Day

21 November


World Television Day

25 November


International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

29 November


International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

1 December


World AIDS Day

2 December


International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

3 December


International Day of Disabled Persons

5 December


International Volunteer Day for Economics and Social Development

7 December


International Civil Action Day

12 December


International Children's Day of Broadcasting

18 December


International Migrants Day

29 December


International Day for Biological Diversity

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?What are some interesting speech topics for a five minute speech

Fun or serious topic

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The Story of Cupid and Psyche

English translation of the marriage of Cupid and Psyche from the Latin Golden Ass, by Apuleius

Translated by William Adlington
First published 1566
This version as reprinted from the edition of 1639.

The most pleasant and delectable tale of the marriage of Cupid and Psyches.

There was sometimes a certaine King, inhabiting in the West parts, who had to wife a noble Dame, by whom he had three daughters exceeding fair; of whom the two elder were of such comly shape and beauty, as they did excell and pass all other women living, whereby they were thought worthily to deserve the praise and commendation of every person, and deservedly to be preferred above the residue of the common sort. Yet the singular passing beauty and maidenly majesty of the youngest daughter did so farre surmount and excell then two, as no earthly creature could by any meanes sufficiently expresse or set out the same.

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Do you know what this case stands for that word or a sentence?

IQ = Intelligence Quotient

بهره هوشي – ضريب هوشي

ID = Identification

كارت شناسايي

CD = Compact Disc

سي دي – ديسك فشرده

DVD = Digital Video-Disc / Digital Versatile Disc

دي وي دي

PhD = Doctor of philosophy

درجه دكتري

ISO = International Organization for Standardization

ايزو – سازمان جهاني استاندارد

ICU = Intensive Care Unit

بخش مراقبت هاي ويژه

AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

بيماري ايدز- سندرم ازبين برنده امنيت دفاعي بدن

ISBN = International Standard Book Number

شماره استاندارد بين المللي كتاب

OPEC = Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

اوپك- سازمان كشورهاي صادركننده نفت

IRNA = Islamic Republic News Agency

ايرنا – خبرگزاري جمهوري اسلامي

ISNA = Iranian Student News Agency

ايسنا – خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران

TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language

آزمون تافل

IELTS = International English Language Testing System

آزمون آيلتس

UNESCO = United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

يونسكو – سازمان آموزش علمي وفرهنگي ملل متحد

UNICEF = United Nations Children’s Fund / United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

يونيسف – صندوق اضطراري سازمان ملل متحدبراي كودكان

PIN = Personal Identification Number

شماره شناسايي شخصي

SIM card = SIM is the abbreviation of Subscriber Identification Modul

مدل شناسايي مشترك

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Varnak passes.

Apple : Favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs and Apple founder of Apple and the company name as Apple (Apple's meaning.)

How important is the choice of company name?

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Sometimes a museum can be a destination in and of itself. Even if you don't understand all of it, you most likely will leave feeling impressed and amazed. We compiled this list based on the popularity of the museums and the famous works of art they have in their possessions. So get out and take in a little culture on your next vacation or trip and stop by one of these museums!

The worlds most famous museum which was once a royal palace, houses some of the worlds most amazing art. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is easily the most famous piece of art.

How did this happen?
With so many different therioes and ideas you really just need to take a look for yourself, if you can elbow to the front of the crowd that stands in front of the glass and bulletproof enclosure.

Located on New York's Museum Mile road, The Met shares the same pavement as other big names. The size of this museum is enormous, so don't plan to see it all in one day- unless you get trapped inside overnight! You can go through ancient times to modern 20th-century works.

Also visit The Cloisters, which is the museums other site located in Fort Tryon Park and completed in 1938, it is a separate building dedicated solely to medieval art. The Cloisters has some of the most tranquil and scenic views of the Hudson River and nature in the city.

This is where the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's famous ceiling frescos are found. It also has work by some of the other greatest Renaissance artists within the Chapels walls. Displaying works from the extensive collection of the Roman Catholic Church and spanning from antiquity to modern religious art. The museum occupies a distance of 9 miles and is one of the largest in the world. This museum brings people from all over, it is estimated at four million visitors annually.

The walk to this museum is a gallery in and of itself. When you stroll through the Piazza della Signoria toward the Uffizi, you see such marvelous sculptures! Inside the museum you are treated to such masterpieces like Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and "Primavera" as well as paintings by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The Botticelli's are, in my humble opinion, the prize of museum. With the most delicious gelato in the world, beautiful plazas and streets with so much history, it is easy to fall in love with the city of Florence!

Located in Madrid, the capital of Spain, and famous for its amazing works from Spanish artists.  The museum houses one of the best collections of European art from Goya to El Greco. Velazquez's painting 'Las Meninas' is certainly the best know piece of work in the collection and has been recognized as one of the most important paintings in Western art history. Velazquez also contributed to most of the collection that is in the Prado to this day by assembling work from such artists like Titian, Rubens and Raphael.

With over three million works of art and six buildings this museum is gigantic and another one of the worlds largest. The State Hermitage also holds the Guinness World Record for world's largest painting collection! The Hermitage has a great collection of Western and Russian art.

With such paintings as 'Irises' by Vincent Van Gogh the Getty collection is remarkable. The museum collection is within a beautiful piece of architecture that has an outstanding view of the surrounding Los Angeles. It also remains free to the public and has a massive underground parking lot so that you can always find a spot. Be sure to visit the tranquil Central Garden area and take it some of the landscape and natural beauty.

Located on the left bank of the Seine River this museum used to be a railroad station and has a huge clock window. The collection is mostly filled with French art and an impressive collection of Impressionist masterpiece paintings by Monet, Renoir and Degas. The museum is much smaller than its Louvre neighbor so it allows for more intimate viewings without the crowds.

The National Gallery is located on the National Mall and is made up of two buildings, the east and the West building. The West Building has a huge collection of sculpture and paintings from Europe from medieval times up to the 19th century, but includes some American artists.

The usual names like Monet, Rembrandt, da Vinci and Van Gogh grace the walls with amazing masterpieces. The East Building is more concerned with contemporary and modern art like Pollock, Picasso, Warhol and Lichtenstein. Be sure to check out the sculpture garden with works by Alxendar Calder and Joan Miro.

The museum with the inside on the outside! I loved the funky, creative design of this place, made me really feel like I was in the future. Known as the "Beauborg" to local Parisians this museum is home to all Modern art with a capital 'M'.

On a nice day you can spend some time in the front of the museum with the street performers and all the other activities. It is easy to spend an hour plus just checking out the different performers and mimes.

Know for its collection of international modern art and specific pivotal movements of the 20th century. Located on the River Thames and near the Millennium Bridge the museum is a former power station. Be sure to explore the Tate's vast collection of Surrealism paintings and specifically Salvador Dali's work.

Located in the middle of Manhattan, MOMA is often called the most important and influential museum dedicated to modern art in the world today. The collection has works in almost all the major areas of fine and contemporary art, from painting and sculpture to film and new media.

You can see Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and in a few more steps you can see Warhol's 'Campbell Soup Cans' and Picasso's famous 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon'.

With more than 13 million objects originating from all over the world, this museum of human history and culture is enormous to say the least! View the vast collection of Egyptian antiques, the largest of its kind outside of Cairo. Also the prints and drawings ranks among one of the best behind the Louvre and the Hermitage. Another plus is that admission is free.

One of the best known museums in New York City, the Guggenheim is the only building in the city designed by architect Frank Llyod Wright. The museum was founded with the intent to showcase avant-garde art and modernists like Kandinsky and Mondrian.

The experience is as inspiring as is the art work. You can take the elevator to the top and walk the circular spiral down to the rotunda as you view the gallery along the way. Another plus is that it is hard to get lost in this building!

Considered to be one of America's top five art museums and is home to the largest collection of Philadelphia artist Thomas Eakins and a great room concentrating on the work of Marcel Duchamp and another for sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

This museum puts on up to 20 special exhibitions each year and really knows how to put on a show. The special exhibit of Paul Cezanne in 96' attracted 546,000 visitors and the Dali show in 05' pulled in more than 370,000. While you’re here walk down the parkway and check out the Rodin Museum and say hello to 'The Thinker'.

Impressionist and American art is what is highlighted here. If you ever saw the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off then you may remember this was one of the stops. They took in that beautiful impressionistic work of Seurat 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte'. More highlights of the collection would be 'American Gothic' by Grant Wood and Monet's 'Water Lilies'.

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 Atlantis hotel                                                            

this hotel  with cost of one milliard and six hundred million dollars at the ground with area of about 45 hectars. It has 1600 rooms and suit .

Price per night hotel stay in the Middle East's largest hotel, between $ 700 and 25 thousand dollars.

 * Several aquarium design hotel with 65 000 species of marine animals such as sharks, embedded in all parts of the hotel

* The hotel cafe also considered

* A fun water park for children and adults, attractive hotel was built in the area


Snow park

When the outside air temperature is 58 degrees Celsius in temperature of 4 degrees below zero are have at there



Burj Khalifa

Burj Dubai is now world's tallest building, behind a rival, all recessions to be allocated. The Burj Dubai tower, the official name, after 6 years of construction was inaugurated January 4

Burj Dubai, which consists of three wings around a central core of being. This static condition is appropriate for a tower. Increasing the height of the tower bridge wings as they

 to the core, thus increasing the height of Burj Dubai Mq level decreases. The tower has a spire shape. Form Y-shaped Burj Dubai tower makes it look more units to the Persian Gulf have.


The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain performing to the song "Bassbor Al Fourgakom".

The fountain is animated with performances set to light and music. It is visible from every point on the lake promenade and from many neighboring structures. Performances take place at 1:00 pm and at 1:30 pm as well as every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 10 pm on weekdays, and from 6 pm to 11 pm on weekends (weekends being Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).



Burj alarab


This hotel in a small artificial island located on the water and sail like a ship built.
The building height of 321 meters.

This seven-floor hotel has an underwater aquarium.
169 and the smallest hotel rooms that are 780 square meters.




Dubai Desert is one of the most beautiful and amazing places. Where there are many camel that it can be used. Dubai Desert Nights, which is very interesting with Arabic dance begins. In each of the tents where there are Arab women who are skillfully hand-painted with henna. Finally, with Arabic serving a meal the night ends.

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How to increase your energies

chakras diagram


The spine and the human energy field contain chakras, or energy centers, that vibrate at different frequencies. Each chakra presents us with the opportunity to establish a root relationship and to satisfy a deep soul desire. Each frequency holds the gift of a certain power, which enhances our human experience on Planet Earth. As we tune into this power, we are internally empowered to deal with the specific life challenges of that energy center or chakra and as a consequence to live more whole, meaningful and fulfilling lives.



___ Part One: Red Chakra

___ Part Two: Orange Chakra

___ Part Three: Yellow Chakra

___ Part Four: Green Chakra

___ Part Five: Blue Chakra

___ Part Six: Indigo Chakra

___ Part Seven: Violet Chakra

Increasing a Chakra’s Energy

If you have been truthful you will know and you can see that you have areas that you can improve in your life. This is the first step in accepting who you at this moment in time. The next step is to start doing things to manifest more energy in the chakra center(s) that needs more recognition. Don’t be concerned if all of your centers need work. Most people do not understand their chakras 100%, but that’s why we are here... to learn and to grow!

You also have to understand that in order to become a specialist in a field, you must study, do research and complete practical experiments. Think of your seven chakra centers as different school subjects. Maybe some classes you aced but others you just passed or maybe even failed. As well if you did not go to class, listen to the teacher or study for the final exam any of these factors could have affected your final grades. However, if you learned the material you probably achieved top grades.

Well it’s the same with your chakra centers. How do you expect to have an understanding of your chakra centers if you've never even taken a class in the chakra system? Consider that our chakras are our life subjects. Each chakra center is connected to a level of intelligence that is part of our whole being.

  • The Root Chakra is our life force energy. It is also called our Red or Base Center
  • The Spleen Chakra is our sensing and feeling energy. It is also called our Orange or Splenic Center
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra is our mental energy. It is also called our Yellow or Ego Center
  • The Heart Chakra is our emotional energy. It is also called our Green or Cardiac Center
  • The Throat Chakra is our communication energy. It is also called our Blue or Laryngeal Center
  • The Brow Chakra is our intuitive energy. It is also called our Indigo or Third-Eye Center
  • The Crown Chakra is our inspiration and spiritual energy. It is also called our Violet or Coronal Center.

Now that you understand the basics of each chakra and the color vibration it correlates to you can begin to work with “tools” that will help energize the chakra center(s) you need to work on. The main tool I ask people to work with is the “right” (positive) thoughts. If you already have doubts or disbelief your end results will be effected.

Your thoughts are mainly what drive you on a physical level. It is your mind that tells you what to do, what you should learn and how you should act or re-act. This is why first and foremost you need to put the power of your mind into the thought that you are going to work at increasing your chakra system’s vitality. It is simply by acknowledging this that you have taken the first step to empowering your chakras. Congratulations!



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This Hectic Life


Some times life is so hactic and busy that you don't even have time to scratch your head;Summer for some especial jobs is like that. Amongest all those jobs you can name ENGLISH TEACHERS.This is my picture at night when I'm backing home.Replace the pronoun him with her. That's better.Thanks.


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 Language and literature

There are different languages spoken in different parts of Iran. Mainly Persian in central Iran, Azerbaijani in northwest and central Iran, Kurdish in west part, Arabic in south west, Balochi in east and Turkmen mainly in north of Iran. Among these, the Turkish language's subsets is the largest group comparing others which covers all the northwest, main part of central and north east part of Iran. This is of course the effect of the multiethnic culture of Iran due to the extension of the previous Aryan (Iranian) empires. This is because Iranians traditionally are very tolerant (e.g. The Cyrus Cylinder) and that Iranians internalize (as it is described in the Histories of Herodotus) the qualities which for them are best. A reason for the Turkmen qualitative dominance among Iranian ethnic minorities is a result of the great Turkmen migration from the Altay which led to the coming of e.g. The Seljuq Empire, The Mongolian Empire, The Ottoman Empire to mention a few.

The literature and the amount of historical sources in particular (with the exception of archaeological sources) are poor (e.g. the first national epos of Iran was first written by Ferdowsi in the First Millennium A.D. Over 1,500 years after the founding of the Hakhamaniyan Empire by Cyrus the Great the first Zoroastrian empire). This is an effect of the Arabian expansion which began with the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The result of this is that most Iranians often say it was the mongols that though their political dominance destroyed most of the Iranian cultural heritage. This is in fact wrong. Wrong because it was for example the Arabs + allies that destroyed libraries, historical sources, Zoroastrian fire temples and sculptures. The main reason for these actions was that this culture was against the values of Islam and a direct threat to the arabification of Greater Iran. See how Iraq no longer is an Iranian country (earlier known as Iranaq = Little Iran) but now a part of the Arab World. Why should Iranians give the blame on the Mongols (in historic context) instead of the Arabs (in historic context)? Because Arabs represent Islam and Islam is now a part of the Greater Iranian culture. That is why Iranians will not undermine their own national identity by blaming Mongols instead of the Arabs for the loss of the Iranian cultural heritage.

Persian literature inspired Goethe, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many others, and it has been often dubbed as a most worthy language to serve as a conduit for poetry. Dialects of Persian are widely spoken throughout the region sporadically from China to Syria and mainly in Iranian Plateau. Two important dialects of Persian serving as languages are Tajiki and Dari respectively spoken in Tajikistan and Afghanistan as official languages.

Contemporary Iranian literature is influenced by classical Persian poetry, but also reflects the particularities of modern day Iran, through writers such as Houshang Moradi-Kermani, the most translated modern Iranian author, and poet Ahmad Shamlou.[3]

With 300 international awards in the past 10 years, films from Iran continue to be celebrated worldwide. Perhaps the best known director is Abbas Kiarostami.


The music of Persia goes back to before the days of Barbod in the royal Sassanid courts. This is where many music cultures trace back their distant origins to.[4]

Painting of Iranian female musicians from Hasht-Behesht Palace ("Palace of the 8 heavens"), Isfahan, Iran, dated 1669.

There are nearly countless numbers of traditional teahouses (chai khaneh) throughout Iran, and each province features its own unique cultural presentation of this ancient tradition. However, there are certain traits which are common to all teahouses, especially the most visible aspects, strong chai (tea) and the ever-present ghalyan hookah. Almost all teahouses serve baqleh, steam boiled fava beans (in the pod), served with salt and vinegar, as well as a variety of desserts and pastries. Many teahouses also serve full meals, typically a variety of kababs as well as regional specialities

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